1/ What do we do?

We service repairs, unlocks, and trade phones/ iPads, tablets as well as accessories and cases.

iPhones, iPads, and Android Phones are our strength.

2/ Do we offer a warranty?

All of our repairs come with a warranty.

3/ How long does it take to repair your devices?

It depends on the devices’ issues. But most of the devices are repaired within haft an hour when the parts are in stock.

4/ Do we require you to book an appointment to have your devices repaired?

No appointment are required.

5/ Do we fix water damaged devices?

Yes, we do.

6/ Why should you choose IREPAIR?

We are conscious  people who always put the customers’ satisfaction above all. We not only care about the technology but your fulfillment and happiness. Your beloved devices mean the importance to us. Besides, we also offer quick, affordable, and high-quality repairs. We open 7 days a week (10am to 07pm) , including holidays to give customers our best services.

IREPAIR is a trustworthy partner that you can have your devices fixed.

7/ Where are we located?

9410 Walnut Street, Suite 118, Dallas TX 75243

Hotline: (214) 680-1701

8/ What are hours of operation?

Monday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Tuesday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Wednesday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Thursday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Friday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Saturday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)
Sunday: 10AM – 7PM (including holidays)